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What makes Gmail shine over its competitor is its friendly user interface and extra features. Gmail can also be filled with extensions and plug-ins to make it more personal, and this allows users to unlock Gmail’s true potential. Right now we are talking about six useful Gmail extensions that are going to make your life easier.

  • Gmvault

The app allows you to quickly back up Gmail emails and it’s also free. The app can be installed on your Linux, Mac or Windows computer and it will automatically sync up with all your Gmail accounts. Worth mentioning is that the extension even backups encrypted emails.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts will make composing emails way faster than it already is. You can even customize the shortcuts in order to remember them easier. To be able to use shortcuts you will first have to enable them by accessing Settings-Labs. After enabling shortcuts, a new panel will appear in Settings named “Keyboard Settings” and from there on you can customize different shortcuts.

  • Gmail and Cloud Storage

You can use Dropbox as a place to save and upload attachments, you can do that by using Dropbox for Gmail. The extension only works with Chrome though, but if you want to use Dropbox for Gmail on other browsers you can download Kloudless, and Firefox will work as well.

  • Batched Inbox

Batched inbox is great especially for Gmail users that are bombarded with emails every day. The way Batched Inbox works is that it automatically sends email in different folders at specific time intervals, chosen by you so you will only receive 10 emails per hour, not 100. You can even select some priority contacts and Batched Inbox will allow them to come at the moment they were sent.

  • Managing an Gmail Account

Like any other account, you will need to be careful so hackers or scammers can’t get access to it. Google already provides its Gmail users with two step authentication and this improves password protection, but you can always make it more secure by adding email encryption.

  • Gmail Offline

The best extension for Gmail is no doubt Gmail offline. This extension allows the user to check and read his emails even if he doesn’t have an internet connection.