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Mobile devices have changed the way people have interacted with each other. In the past, it would take days for a letter to reach people. Today, communication is done in mere minutes. And, the mail apps, like Gmail from Google, has ensured that instant communication stays around for now and the future.

Android Gmail is easy, saving you time and keeping your messages safe. With its push notifications, you know who has sent you mail and can deal with those of the utmost importance.  It also comes with a search function that lets you look for any message quickly and effortlessly. The app lets users:

  • Organize their mailbox so that messages are sorted into their respected categories
  • Spam filter so spam is blocked before it goes into the inbox
  • Enjoy 15GB of storage space, so there’s no need to delete messages to save on space
  • Enjoy multiple account support so you can link your Gmail account with other mail services like Yahoo and Outlook

What Can You Expect From Gmail On Android

The newest Gmail version is, which had a release date of October 2016. The newest version includes

  • Quick way to add new accounts
  • Updated search function for quicker results when looking through non-Google accounts – offline or online
  • Array of performance improvements and bug fixes

Many people may despise the idea of updates. After all, they take up precious space, but they are considered necessary. If you feel your online and mail privacy is important, make sure to keep your app current.