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Sony fans are in for a real treat since the PS4 Pro will be released on November 10. This console, which was nicknamed PS4 Neo before it was christened as “Pro”, has garnered a lot of attention because of its 4K capability and other slick features. Obviously, the PS4 Pro works best on 4K TVs, making it a great investment for those who already have this kind of television. But what if you have a 1080p TV instead of a 4K model? Should you still buy Sony’s latest device?

People have dividing opinions about this, but the answer is usually “Yes”. This comes from the fact that the PS4 Pro has many benefits to offer to non-4K TV owners like you. With this console, you’ll get to:

Play with impressive graphics

Obviously, the PS4 Pro won’t make your 1080p TV produce 4K images. However, it can help in another aspect: anti-aliasing. It does this through super-sampling, a technique in which developers render images at a higher resolution before shrinking them to 1080p output. The result is clear, highly detailed graphics that are free from jaggies and are considerably cleaner-looking.

The best part about this is that Sony’s guidelines require developers to offer super-sampling in new titles that would come out for PS4. So, moving forward, you’ll get to enjoy improved graphics when playing new titles on the PS4 Pro.

Observe enhanced frame rates

One of the PS4 Pro’s trademark features is frame rate stabilization. A handful of games are already exhibiting better frame rate performance; Rise Of The Tomb Raider, for example, provides you with the option to play it at 60fps on your 1080p TV (aside from its 30fps 4K mode). Granted, it’s not a locked experience as many reviewers observe that it can fluctuate between 50 to 60fps. Still, it’s a significant improvement considering that the original PS4 can sometimes dip below 30fps.

Take advantage of Sony’s aggressive pricing

Many people complain that the PS4 Pro’s $399 price tag is too steep, considering that it’s costlier by $100 than the base PS4. But, if you look closer, you’ll see that $399 is actually just right; it can even be cheap when you compare it with the $1,000 that you’d have to spend to turn your PC into an Ultra HD machine. Add this to the fact that you’re getting a console with a 30 percent faster CPU and a 200 percent more powerful GPU than the base PS4, and you’ll see just how much value you’re getting.

Future-proof your gaming system

4K might not yet be ubiquitous now, but it’s definitely here to stay and the time will come when it becomes mainstream. Because of this, you won’t go wrong with investing in 4K devices like the PS4 Pro, whether you plan to replace your 1080p TV with a 4K model in the near future or several years down the road.

The PS4 Pro is a great investment even if you don’t have a 4K TV. With the benefits it offers, you’ll get to enjoy a better gaming experience while getting great value for money.