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It’s an ongoing trend for video game developers to push out games relatively faster, but then come with a Day One patch. A Day One patch is an update that players have to download and install as soon as they install the game itself. These updates usually include all kinds of tweaks and adjustments, or sometimes even brand new features. However, most Day One patch content tends to revolve around further balancing of the game, improved performance, last minute bugs and glitches being removed, and so on.

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV is now also slated to drop with a Day One patch at its side. The information comes directly from Hajime Tabata, which is the game’s director. Tabata went on to specify what kind of content the patch will be comprised of.

It seems that Final Fantasy XV will be one of those titles that has a Day One patch which features both tweaks and new features. Let’s take a look at what players can expect from this addition to the original game, and if it’s worth having to go through another download and install process as soon as they’re done with the actual game.

  • Twitter and Facebook incorporation so players can share Prompto’s pics with friends;
  • Omen trailer and Kingsglaive:Final Fantasy XV elements added to the game;
  • A new item called the monster whistle which allows players to lure monsters;
  • More variety overall, with new fish and recipes, as well as a gallery feature;
  • A Wait Mode with included traits tree allowing players to pack some strategy in their away time;
  • Last but not least, camera tweaks in close space environment, making it easier to navigate.

With the new features and tweaks announced, players now only require Final Fantasy XV to drop, as the long running video game franchise is keeping fans on their toes.

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