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One of the most used browsers is Google Chrome, and there’s no surprise as to why. It’s fast and has so many features and options to it. It supports extensions of third-parties, which many people use.

And, it also eats up your computer’s RAM. If you’re the type of person to leave several tabs opened, you notice that you don’t have near as much RAM as you did. Good news though! A report has suggested Google is releasing an update for Google Chrome that will fix the problem of the RAM usage.

It appears that Chrome version 55 is going to use the V8 JavaScript Engine. Based on the engine’s official blog, it will dramatically decrease the memory footprint on a number of websites that use the modern web development pattern. Developers are already testing this V8 Engine, and it’s been noted that there’s a 35 to 50 percent decrease in RAM usage compared to the version 53 Chrome uses.

Of course, performance and speed are still going to vary from site to site. However, reports suggest users will see major improvements, especially for The New York Times, Twitter, etc.

When is Chrome version 55 set to be released? The thought is early December 2016. This should make online holiday shoppers much happier, as it’ll allow them to keep tabs open and still have RAM to boot.