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It’s been nearly five years since Candy Crush was first released (2012) and, during this five-year span, many spin-off games have been developed and made public. However, there’s never been a direct sequel to the popular game. And, there are only a few mobile game series that can rival Candy Crush’s popularity.

It may be five years since its initial release, but Candy Crush is still one of the most popular downloaded apps and is still at the top of the charts for downloading and game playing. Just recently there was an announcement that a live TV show was in the works. Two teams are set to compete for the title of “Candy Crush Champion.” According to reports, competitors will use physical strength to do the game board’s interactive challenges.

There is no detailed information about the show, but if it comes to fruition, it may be time for the developers to consider a CC Saga puzzle game. What the sequel could contain is up in the air.

In order to make the sequel come across as modern, it would need to have better graphics. The game mechanics and abilities would be a bit different so that it doesn’t appear similar to the spin-offs. Every new game within the series has had new game mechanics, and a sequel would need to better itself, so it’s not regarded as just another spin-off.

There’s been no official word from Developer King regarding a CC Saga 2, and fans won’t know a thing until the official announcement comes down.