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Many gamers prefer to play games on their computers, wearing headphones with a microphone, to communicate with others in multiplayer mode. Call of Duty is a very popular action game that’s played on many platforms, including Android and iOS and its success has inspired other mobile game developers to bring 3D shooters for smartphones. Below we’ll talk about five games that offer single player campaigns, multiplayer battles, futuristic designs, a variety of weapons and many more.

Battlefield Combat Black Ops 2

In this first person shooter, you will be the newly appointed Empire commander, a veteran who knows how to fight on the battlefield and you will need to kill your enemies – the Carthage Rebels, who found the ancient ruins of a strange civilization and got their hands on a dangerous technology. The game offers 60 combat scenarios and cinematic 3D graphics optimized for all kinds of devices.

Frontline Commando

This 3rd person POV title has a lot in common with Call Of Duty and other inspired games. You will be the only surviving commando after a failed attack against a ruthless dictator, and you will try to avenge your fallen comrades. So, you will take down enemies, their jeeps, helicopters and forts, using shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, rocket launchers, armors and other weapons.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

You will have to complete missions in Tokyo and Venice, while choosing one of the seven classes: Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, and Sapper. You will be able to level up across the single player campaign and multiplayer battles, unlock advanced weaponry and customize your guns. Also, if you choose the multiplayer mode, you will have the option to be a spectator or to play in Squad vs. Squad matches.

Critical Ops

This game will test your reflexes and tactical skills, while fighting a critical strike operation as a counter-terrorist, but you will also have the option to play as a terrorist that causes destruction. Currently, Critical Ops is in Alpha phase, so you might encounter annoying bugs, but the developers are working hard on improving optimization and they will add new features every once in a while.

Sniper Fury

There are over 130 missions that will take place in exotic locations. You will take down soldiers, air units, blow up armored vehicle, observe sniper headshots in slow motion, experience rainstorms, sandstorms, blizzards and you will use top-secret weaponry.