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The best part about a new Pokemon expansion is the new array of Pokemon included in the game, especially the Legendary ones. Pokemon Sun and Moon already showcased a bunch of new Legendary pocket monsters, but not all of the Legendary pocket monsters received the same attention. Right now we are going to present you with a guide on how to catch some of the rarest newly included Pokemon.


The new Zygarde Pokemon can only be obtained by collecting Z cells. While exploring Alola the player will encounter Sina and Dexio and they will reward you with a Zygarde Cube. Using the Z Cube, the player can go ahead and gather Z cores and also Z cells. After collecting the necessary items the player can go ahead and assemble the new Zygarde.

Tapu Koko

The new Pokemon can only be caught after achieving the rank of champion of Alola. The NPC Lillie is the one that will help the player catch the new Pokemon and will provide the player with instructions on where to find it. Keep in mind that Tapu Koko is rather strong and he is level 60.

Tapu Bulu

Tapu Bulu is the guardian deity of Ula’ula Island and he will appear after touching the statue from the end of the Ruins of Abundance. Keep in mind that if you want to go to the Ruins of Abundance you will first need to complete the Haina Desert.

Solgaleo and Lunala

These are the two most popular Pokemon from the Sun and Moon edition, and they can’t be found anywhere. The trick to own one of them, depending on which version of Pokemon you own is to either get a Cosmog and evolve him or finish the game’s story line and Solgaleo or Lunala will appear.