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Owners of iPhones that run on iOS 10 should be careful where they leave their devices from now on because hackers can easily access their data even if they have fingerprint security. This new hack exploit uses Siri to access private information without even unlocking the lock screen. This security breach is fairly easy to abuse and almost everyone that knows their way around an iPhone can access your personal information.

The Lock Screen Exploit

The way hackers use Siri to bypass any iPhone lock screen or pass code is by simply asking Siri “Who am I?” and then Siri will automatically provide the hacker with your personal mobile number and the hacker can call the designated iPhone. The trick is that when the hacker calls your iPhone instead of answering he will choose to respond with a text message from the incoming call option menu. When the messaging interface pops up the hacker will tell Siri to “turn on voice over” and Siri will start reading out everything that is on your display and from there on he can easily access your Calendar, Messages and even your Call History. The hacker can also choose to create a new contact and from there he will receive access to your camera roll.

Taking security into your own hands

This security breach can be fixed by either disabling “answer call with text message” or Siri’s access to the lock screen. To do this you will be required to access the Touch ID and Pass code panel from the Settings menu and there you will see the “Reply With Message” option and just toggle it off, but keep in mind that you will not be able to answer phone calls with messages.

You can disable Siri’s access from the lock screen by going over to Settings-Siri and toggle off the “Access on Lock Screen” option.