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Arkane Studios first Dishonored game was a complete success because it managed to combine both stealth and action. The new Dishonored 2 was launched on November 11th and everyone is going crazy about it trying to find ways to beat the game. What makes the game special is that it allows the player to play his own way, either that means killing everybody in his way or to just sneaking around and killing only the important targets. Another great feature brought by Dishonored 2 is the addition of Emily, Corvo’s daughter. Emily was seen during the first game as well but the player could only play with Corvo.

Only ten days passed since the game was released and players everywhere are already looking for cheats and tricks to help them finish harder levels. The Dishonored gaming community is composed from both console and PC players since the game was released as a multi platform game and because of that the number of Dishonored players is pretty large.

Even if only ten days passed since the game was released players managed to find out the best way to limit damage intake. This trick can only be used while playing Emily and using her doppelganger ability. The doppelganger can be used to distract enemies, and to also reduce fall damage. Player reports show that you will no longer receive fall damage if you use the doppelganger ability correct. The way to do this is to spawn a copy of Emily while falling and use it as a landing pad.

Reports are showing that a player already managed to beat the game without being detected. The player reported that it took him 32 hours to beat the game because of the time he spent while hiding around from guard patrols. The player said that his technique consisted of using safe high safe spots and studying guard patrol paths so he could avoid them.

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