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WhatsApp has finally released the Video Calling feature for smartphones that run on Android, iOS and Windows. This feature has been expected for quite a while and it seems that there are some hackers who are now trying to make WhatsApp users to download malware to their smartphones.

These hackers are using malicious links that invite people to download the “WhatsApp Video Calling” feature. The same links invite people to download the “Group-Calling Feature” that’s not even available for WhatsApp yet. The invitation says that only users who click on the “invitation link” can enable this feature.

We suggest you to NOT open the invitation link or you might end up with a malware on your device. This will allow hackers to gain access to your personal mails, documents, contacts etc.

It is good to know that WhatsApp has introduced an invite system for the Voice Calling feature last year, but the company has decide to just allow all users to install the update with the Video Calling feature without having to access an invitation link. This is the reason why hackers think that this scam will work for a good amount of WhatsApp users.

It is good to know that by accessing the scam link, you will get to a website which looks similar to the official WhatsApp website. Unfortunately, this is a fake website and it will load a malware on your smartphone.

WhatsApp: How To Get Video Calling Feature On Your Android, iOS And Windows

The WhatsApp Video Calling feature can be accessed as soon as you update the application to the latest version. To do this, just open the Google Play Store, Apple Store or Windows Store, search for WhatsApp and install the latest version on your smartphone.

Once the update (or installation) is complete, you will be able to access the new Video Calling feature on the WhatsApp application.