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It appears, based on the latest rumors, that Pangu has been able to crack the iOS 10 firmware. If that’s the case, it means there is a jailbreaking tool for iOS 10, but when it is released is still the question that’s unanswered.

Bear in mind that Apple claimed iOS 10 was not breakable, but if the rumors are true, it means Pangu was able to crack the company’s operating system.

There appears to be a delay for the jailbreaking tool release. Pangu developers are including more functionally to its tool so that it stays functional as many devices as it can make it.

The reason Apple released its iOS 10.0.1. and 10.0.2. was to secure up its software. Along with the security problems, the company has to address some other issues like iPhone 7 users had with the voice call problem.

With an iOS 10 patch released so quickly, it was hard for both the teams at TaiG and Pangu to crack the latest Apple firmware. However, they worked hard on it, and it wasn’t long before Apple released its 10.0.1 update, which hindered their efforts even more. Apple may be searching for ways to make the iOS 10 as secure as it can. However, hackers are determined to crack it.

Still, Apple is just as determined to make it difficult for these hackers to do. If Pangu does release a jailbreaking tool for iOS 10, Apple is likely to release a patch to repair the glitch the hackers have exploited.

When the tool is released is still a mystery, but reports suggest it’ll be sooner than later.