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Minecraft Pocket Edition has always been the last one to receive updates and that only if they were even rolled out to the Pocket Edition. This time things have changed since Mojang has decided that Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft Windows 10 edition is going to receive their 1.0 update. This update will include the Ender Dragon and the Elytra End. Mojang has finally realized that they have enough mobile Minecraft players and they need to receive the same amount of attention as the other platforms.

The Ender Dragon and The Elytra End

The most important feature the 1.0 patch update is going to bring to Minecraft Pocket Edition is the survival game mode. The survival mode gives the player the opportunity to survive against the monsters that lurk in the night, the player will have to start from scratch with zero resources. The player is then urged to gather resources and create a safe hiding spot that will protect him against the monsters that roam the night.

Mojang, the developer and producer of Minecraft has officially stated that they are going to bring the 1.0 Minecraft update to the mobile version of the game and that they are going to constantly bring update from now on. They even confirmed what End of version is Minecraft going to receive. The End version is going to be the Elytra. The Elytra was firstly released back in February on the PC platform.

Many people believe that the End coming to Minecraft Pocket Editions is going to be an older version, that’s just going to contain the Ender Dragon and its battlefield, meaning that Elytra will be a late game reward for players that manage to defeat the dragon. Worth mentioning is that this is the first time ever the Pocket Edition of Minecraft has features that the console version doesn’t.

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