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iPhone users have another reason to worry, because a new security flaw was discovered in iOS, whch allows anyone to access data by bypassing the passcode that the owner enter to unlock the device. Most likely, Apple will patch this vulnerability soon and nobody will be affected by this problem.

DigiWorthy has explained that the steps anyone can take to fight their way past the iPhone’s lock screen and to have access to the phone’s content. So, if these complex steps will be followed correctly, it will be easy to pull it off.

– First of all, make sure that Siri is enabled on the iPhone that you want to “hack”;
– If you don’t know how to find out if Siri is enabled, ask her “Who Am I” and you’ll be able to find out the victim’s phone number;
– Call that number from a different iPhone via FaceTme;
– On the victim’s iPhone click Message, then Custom, so you will have access to the New Message screen;
– Tap the home button to activate Siri and then ask her to Turn on Voice over;
– Return to the iMessage screen;
– Double tap the bar where you’ll also find the contact info;
– While holding your finger on that bar, click on the keyboard until you’ll be able to type up in the top bar. If you don’t succeed to do this, repeat the two steps from above. “Keep trying until you see a slide-in effect on the screen above the keyboard,” said DigiWorthy;
– Ask Siri to Turn off VoiceOver, then click the Home button;
– Type the first letter of a contact’s name.
– Tap the circular “i” icon and you’ll get to the contact info;
– Create a new contact and select Add photo;
– Tap on Choose photo and now you’ll see any photo that’s stored on the iPhone, even f the device is locked. Also, by selecting any contact, you will be able to read conversations with that person.

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