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When storage space is running out, smartphones become sluggish and users are not able to download any other applications from the Google Play Store. Then you start deleting photos and videos, or music, hoping that this will solve the problem, but you forget about applications that take up space, or you don’t know how to clear app cache or app data. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to get rid of all junk that cause your smartphone to perform awkwardly.

Use DiskUsage To Find Which App Takes Up The Most Space

This application will check memory usage information on your device and it will inform you which folders and files taking up too much space. DiskUsage will scan all applications and you’ll see their size, cache and how many voice files have been saved, so you’ll know exactly what to delete.

Manually Clean App Cache

As a preventive measure, you should stop messaging apps from automatically downloading pictures to your device. If you don’t do this, you risk damaging your phone in the long term. There are many cleaning tools claiming that they will improve the performance of your device, but they only clean out the apps’ cache, which is the storage area where data or frequently used processes are saved so they can be easily accessed in the future. Specialists recommend you to manually do a preventative cache cleaning, by going to the Settings Menu, where you will click on Apps, find the All tabs and select the app that takes up a lot of space. Then, you will click the button Clear Cache to clean the cache of that app. If you want to clean the cache of multiple apps at the same time, go to Settings, click on Storage > Cache Data or Saved Data and confirm the action to remove everything stored within the caches.

Back Up Data before Resetting The Device

If your phone is over one year old and you’ve never formatted it, you should definitely restore it to factory settings, but before doing this, back up your data in order not to lose it. So, head to Settings and click on Backup and Reset, then use Drive to make a backup. After that, select Factory Data Reset > Reset phone, enter your PIN and click on Reset phone or Erase Everything, then restart your device.

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