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There are quite a few apps on an Android device – some apps will assist you in downloading other apps. The Google Play Store app is one of these kinds of apps, allowing you to find free or pay to download games, books, music and movies for your smartphone, tablet or other device. You just need some type of Internet connection to access it – Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Is It Necessary To Have Google Play Store?

The great thing about Android devices is that you don’t need the Play Store on it to use it. There are many ways in which you can attain apps you want without the need of the Google Play Store. And, the reason is that Android devices are known for having open source software. What’s open source software? It means anyone can create a program and use it on their device.

iOS device users don’t have this luxury. If they want an app, they must go to the Apple Store to get it.

Bear in mind that downloading outside the Google Play Store means you could download something that’s not known and could have malicious intent.

How Can You Update The Google Play Store App?

Version 7.0.16 is the latest Google Play Store app, and while it’s easy to get, it is possible to download its APK file on your own. An APK file is essentially in EXE file. Download the APK file from a reliable APK website and install into on your device. Keep in mind it’s a good idea to have the latest Play Store version on your smartphone or tablet.

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