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Users must take security updates seriously is they want to ensure their system it protected all the time. The free Google Chrome update will be available with the latest version, which means your browser could look a bit different than before it received the update. How can you attain free Google Chrome updates?

With Your Own Computer

  • Startup Chrome, and click on the ellipsis on the upper right-hand side of the browser.
  • A colored icon means updates are pending.
  • Hit Update Google Chrome to start the updating process. If you don’t see this button, it means your computer already has the latest version. Just close the browser and relaunch it.

With Your Mobile Device

  • Open the Play Store app by hitting the icon the home screen.
  • Choose the “My Apps and Games” after tapping on Menu at the upper left area of the screen. If there are any updates, you’ll see them under the Updates tab.
  • Find the Chrome app in this Updates tab.
  • If you see it, hit it to install.

With An iOS Device

  • Start the App Store.
  • Look for Updates at the bottom part of the screen.
  • Find out if there are any Chrome updates available, and if there are, update it.
  • Provide your Apple ID and password to install after you’ve downloaded the newest version.

So long as you have a connection to the Internet, you should be able to update to Google Chrome. Be sure that you’ve chosen automatic update from your device so that it’ll update immediately without you doing anything. When you update your Chrome browser, you get a better working browser every time it’s used. If not, you may have problems with it shutting down unexpectedly and when you don’t want it happening.