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It’s been a year since the introduction of responsive design, and it’s helped in the viewing of different content on various devices much easier. No more squinting at your favorite blog to read what it has to say.  Those days are long gone with the responsive design.

But, it’s only been the last few years that responsive design has been implemented into email. A recent Salesforce survey showed that in June 2016, the design was increased by 50 percent. And, the increase isn’t all that surprising. After all, a 2014 study showed that 30 percent more clicks came from emails that used responsive design.

Back in September, Google implemented a responsive design in its Gmail for mobile design. The update ensures email content will change to the device’s screen size when opened. Everything from the hyperlinks, text and more are resized automatically.

This is great for Gmail users, but also developers because it gives them the tools needed to format messages like they want them to be.

The update makes sure the whole email experience is better. No more do people have to squint their eyes to read what an email says. No more do you have to read the email from a desktop computer or laptop.  It can all be done with your mobile device thanks to this responsive design element.

The update is first being updated to mobile devices; web clients will begin seeing changes soon after.

Gmail is definitely the go-to tool in helping people with their devices. The app is easy to use and safe too. Why not start using it for yourself today?