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A new version of Google’s email service started rolling out to Android users and it comes with a minor change to the way quoted emails appear when beginning a reply. The interface is cleaner, but less intuitive and the quoted text is less visible.

Not many think about the quoted text in email replies, but, usually, quotes are included by default in most email clients, while others have methods to make them almost entirely invisible. For years, Google has been hiding the quote inside ellipsis that looks like three dots in a row and users had to double-click on this symbol to have access to everything.

Gmail for Android has left the quote visible, being covered up by the keyboard. A while ago, Google has added a checkbox to toggle whether the quote should be kept and if users wanted to convert the quote to inline text, they had a different button to tap on. In the latest update, users switch instead to match the web interface, and when tapping on the ellipsis, it will expand and the quoted text will be revealed. In order to get rid of the quote, users will long-press on the ellipsis, and then they’ll tap the delete option.

Without a doubt, the interface is simpler because visual distractions – which weren’t covered up by the keyboard, have been removed. The ability to get rid of an unwanted quote has been hidden as well, and it seems that the ability to convert it to an inline reply has been disabled. However, the quoted text can be still modified.

Gmail 6.11 update brings also bug fixes and performance improvements, it allows users to get search results faster online and offline and they can easily add a new account. The new APK can be downloaded from third party sources such as APKMirror, but it can’t be installed before enabling “Unknown Sources” option.