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This is the first time that Sony allows Bethesda to launch mods for their games on the PlayStation 4 console, and this should have happened a long time ago since Xbox One owners have been enjoying modded games for a while already. Worth mentioning is that when Sony finally agreed to let PlayStation 4 player mod Fallout 4 on their console, they did not allow players to use third apps to create mods. The problem behind this is that mods are created on the PC and creating them using a controller is not going to make it any easier than it already is. Bethesda has confirmed that the new 1.8 update Fallout 4 is going to include a creation kit to give players the ability to create their own game mods.

The entertainment potential for Fallout 4 mods is huge, but creating great new mods might be difficult because creators can only use the creation kit provided by Bethesda. The 1.8 Fallout 4 update is not going to include any pre installed mods and players are going to create the mods themselves, as confirmed by Bethesda.

Even though the 1.8 Fallout 4 patch is not going to include any pre installed mods, Bethesda has listed one hundred PS4 compatible mods on their official site, and players can download and install them. Some of the most popular mods included in the list provided by Bethesda are the Portable Nuka Jetpack, Developer Room and Firelance mod.

Even though the mod creating process has become more difficult because of Sony’s policy to not allow third party mods, the Fallout 4 gaming community is really massive, and this means that there are surely going to be a few great mods to pop up.

The complete list of mods can be found over at Bethesda’s official website, and there you can check if you are interested in any of them.