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Microsoft Edge’s AdBlock Plus feature recently attained an update for version 0.9.8 that users can find in the Windows Store. It doesn’t include a changelog but fixes a rather aggravating problem – the app’s announcement that your subscription storage is at capacity. It informs users to eliminate some subscriptions and retry.

AdBlock, along with AdBlock Plus, are what the majority of folks are using. It’s rather normal if you consider how many ads web browsers tend to offer in just one web session.

However, some users have noted there is a bug with the extension’s new version. The bug causes whitelisted sites to be forgotten when the Edge browser is closed down. Some people have complained the Edge browser has quite a few bug – despite the fact it’s a year old. According to some users, uBlockOrigin is something to consider compared to AdBlock Plus, but it’s not in the store just yet.

AdBlock and Facebook are currently at odds. When updating the AdBlock Plus filters, you can get rid of ads the social media site displays. And, this affects Facebook’s recent announcement that it wants to restrict programs that make this happen. According to the company, they never paid to be put on the whitelist from an adblocking service. Rather, they designed ads so that they are seen on the Internet. They also allow people to choose the ads they’d like to see rather than any service showing up.

Chances are Facebook is going to make a move first, coming up with something to keep AdPlus from working on the website.

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