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With many people using messenger apps, the well-known industry leaders have decided to entice people with their own messenger platform. For instance, BlackBerry owners were introduced to BlackBerry Messenger. Now, Google introduces Allo, Facebook has Facebook Messenger and there’s the iMessage for Apple users.

Which one of these Messenger apps is right for you and the best of the best on the market?

Google Allo

Google released Duo, a video calling app to go along with its messaging app called Allo. Google is focused on beating rivals Facebook Messenger and iMessenger. Allo is similar to these platforms, but it has something the others don’t – Artificial Intelligence. The feature allows users to reply to messages using reloaded text replies.

It also comes with Google Assistant or @google. It will search for locations, browse the Internet or play videos in chat. How does the Google Assistant work? Type in @google and your question. The Assistant, along with its AI, will provide suggestions and answers. It’s similar to Siri’s function. Since it’s a cross-platform messaging app, Allo is usable for both iPhone and Android users.

Allo also uses Google, which allows it to learn how users converse in chats, and the Smart Reply function will adjust to the conversation style. It can also distinguish between various images and give the right reply.

Of course, now, it’s just a matter of getting people to download Allo, forgoing the Facebook Messenger app and iMessenger, which already has a strong user base.

Another problem it has – it doesn’t work on computers; just mobile devices. Facebook Messenger and iMessenger work on both.


There are always new versions of the iMessage when iOS updates come out. There are many apps available on the iMessenger, and it’s compatible with many third-party apps – something Allo doesn’t allow for. Users can use the iMessenger app to check the weather without leaving the conversation.

Another difference between the two is the conversational interface. There are new stickers and emojis along with visual effects that make it a worthwhile app. iMessenger comes with a plethora of GIFs, animated texts and can react on text like you’d see in Facebook.

Facebook Messenger

There more than one billion users using the Facebook Messenger app. It’s a cross-messenger platform working on Android, iOS, Windows and the Web. Another reason for its desirability is that it doesn’t push phone messages when a user is in a chat conversation.

Facebook Messenger developers are always looking for ways to improve the features. For instance, the messaging has been combined with texting conversations and has improved features that enable Facebook message threading. It can craft simple group chats and let users ping a friend’s location in the conversation. Chats are archived, which makes for easier tracing.

Yes, each messaging app has similar features to them, but they also have some unique ones the others don’t have. Many people are excited about Google’s Allo messaging app, but the reality is that each messenger app is looking to outdo the other. And, this means developers have their hands full.