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The latest Windows 10 preview for PCs gives us a clue about what will be added to the upcoming Creators Update, which will arrive in “early 2017”, and currently, only Insiders are able to test out the new features introduced in Preview build 14971. The new additions are: Paint 3D, EPUB support in Microsoft Edge, improved Get Office app and many more.

In August, Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the Creative Update will follow it this spring. There will be many changes and Insiders have the chance to test out the new features that will make their way to the upcoming major release. So, the new Preview Build 14971 includes EPUB support in Edge, which will allow users to read unprotected any e-book in the file format, to change its text size an font, leave marks, use light, sepia, and dark themes, use the table of contents etc.

Paint 3D was leaked over a month ago, and now it’s incorporated into the latest build. For now, the supported language is English, but soon it will be available in more languages. Also, PowerShell has replaced the Command Prompt in the WIN + X menu (Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell in the menu when I right-click the Start button or press Windows key+X > Off), in File Explorer’s File menu, and in the context menu that appears when shift-right-clicking the whitespace in File Explorer.

Other improvements were made to the Chinese IME reliability, Conversion Accuracy for the Japanese IME, resource usage when typing with the Japanese IME, the Get Office app, which allows users to discover and launch apps, and see all their recent Office documents.

When it comes to bug fixes, these are some of the issues that Microsoft has taken care of:

– Magnifier’s keyboard shortcuts sometimes didn’t work on the Lock screen;
– When right-clicking a hyperlink in Microsoft Edge, the copy link option didn’t work;
– Sometimes, users weren’t able to completely remove files in the Windows.old folder using Disk Cleanup;
– Pinned tabs in Microsoft Edge weren’t restored;
– Preferred Start menu width wasn’t preserved after rebooting;
– When trying to shut down the PC with certain Device Manager dialog boxes open, it was stuck at the “Restarting…” screen.