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SoundCloud is a music server that is dedicated to educating listeners about artists and also giving artist a place where they can plug their new songs and promote their upcoming concerts. SoundCloud is not used only by music artists, there are game developers that release new soundtracks on SoundCloud or even comedians that post their podcasts.

The app is great for iPhone owners that like streaming their media content using the secure streaming service, the only problem is that you can’t store the audio files and listen to them offline. There are some tracks that are available for sale, but not everyone is interested in spending money on songs. The only way of downloading music from SoundCloud is using third party apps like Apple’s iTunes.

How to download music on SoundCloud

You are not required to log in with a SoundCloud account, but it’s going to make the process simpler. If you create an account the service will take note of what music is not available in your region or what genre of music you like listening to and it will start making recommendations. The best way to create a SoundCloud account is to link it with your Google or Facebook account, and this way you will be able to find friends on SoundCloud way easier.

After creating a SoundCloud account you will need to download iTunes and use the iPhone lighting cable to add music to your smartphone. Now you are required to open your PC and google “SoundDrain”, this service will allow for SoundCloud tracks to be directly saved onto your desktop. After opening up the SoundDrain webpage, go ahead and open SoundCloud in another tab and search for the songs you want to download and copy their URL. After copying the URL go ahead and paste it in the address bar on SoundDrain and you will be given the option to download the song.

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