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As the year 2016 is coming to an end everyone is anticipating what big tech companies such as Samsung and Apple are going to bring on the market. The ongoing trend in technology right now is the development of VR headsets, games and hardware. Apple will reportedly completely change the design their iPhone has next year by implementing an all AMOLED glass build and Samsung will unveil their new Samsung Galaxy X, which will be the first smartphone to have a fully flexible AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy X

The rumors surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy X are pointing out that Samsung will introduce a folding flexible Super AMOLED display. This means that Samsung has taken inspiration from the design used on 90’s flip-phones. The device will be equipped with a special hinge mechanism that’s going to allow users to fold the gadget without ruining the picture quality.

Regarding the specs the device might sport a 4K display panel could be in plans since Samsung already proved with some of their prototypes that they can install a folding Super AMOLED panel that runs at Full HD 1080p. There already are a few smartphones that run 4K display panels and the problem with them is that the battery drains very fast. Samsung will more than likely use the same QHD 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution that their flagship Galaxy S7 does.

In the hardware department Samsung will have to wait until March so that Qualcomm launches their next gen Exynos 8995 processor and they will equip the device with at least 4GB of RAM. Taking in consideration the fact that the Galaxy Note 7 has 6GB of RAM, the Galaxy X might sport the same amount of ram as well.

Because Samsung is installing such a power draining display, the battery they will use is a complete mystery right now. If Samsung chooses to add a bigger battery than the standard 3,000 mAh, the weight and thickness of the device will increase.