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Mafia 3 is an action game where players immerse themselves in the crime world. They have to fill the shoes of a gangster and do everything that implies, and that usually implies a lot of shooting overall illegal stuff. However, a very important aspect of the game is raising your empire, which means accumulating huge amounts of money. Some players have found it quite difficult to maintain a steady income in Mafia 3, due to the various variables that can occur and negatively impact their in-game funds, such as losing money every time you die. We have a couple of tips for you, which will guarantee noticeable increases in cash funds, and also help you save up even more money.

Racket kickbacks

Mafia 3 lets you manage multiple rackets which will result in cash revenue. You will make these rackets more profitable by collecting from them every time you have the possibility, as well as making some extra cash from the racket kickbacks, which shouldn’t be neglected.

Use safes

Safes are great in Mafia 3 because the money you deposit there is preserved, and even if you die, the money you stashed away remains, meaning that you can continue building and stacking your hard earned bucks.

Don’t pay for ammo

As mentioned earlier, this game involves a lot of shooting. That means that normally, a players would have to attribute a large amount of their profits to buying more ammo so they can shoot more stuff, but you can bypass the buying part by finding an ammo truck and getting a nice ammo donation for yourself. In addition to that, try alternating between weapons. It is understandable if you have that one, particular weapon which you love more than any other, because everyone can relate, but you’ll find that switching things up now and again will greatly help you not run out of bullets for “ol’ faithful” so often.