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A great feature offered by Spotify is the ability to listen to playlists even if you don’t have access to an internet connection. To be able to listen to music offline you will first need to create a playlist and mark it as being available offline. Spotify allows its user to create as many playlists as he wants and the only restriction being that the combined number of the total songs to not surpass 3,333 tracks.

Creating an offline playlist

Open up Spotify and search for the playlist you want to listen to. The playlist can be selected by clicking on its title in Spotify’s left sidebar. After clicking on the playlist the “Available Offline” option will appear and it’s going to have an On and Off switch, just flick the switch in the On position.

After you have selected the “Available Offline” option, Spotify will start syncing the songs in your playlist. The time it requires to sync up a song depends on how long the song is, or if you have previously listened to the song and it’s already saved in your cache then it will get synced in a matter of seconds. A great feature is that if you need to shut down your PC, Spotify will automatically resume the syncing process from where it was left when the PC starts again. You will know a song has finished syncing when it will have a green circle next to its name. Keep in mind that you can always add more tracks to you offline playlist and Spotify will sync them as soon as you are online.

When Spotify is used in offline mode it will work the same way it does in the online mode, the only difference is that searching and streaming live songs is not available. While in offline mode you can always listen to already synced up songs, or to locally saved songs such as MP3’s.