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Black Friday is almost here and it seems that there are already some developers who have decided to make their applications FREE for a limited time for iPhones.


This application is usually sold for $0.99 and it allows you to track your sleep duration. Sleepy is using the smartphone’s sensors & time to automatically track when you are sleeping or not.

Photo Cleaner

Photo Cleaner is another application that’s usually sold for $0.99. The application is scanning your iPhone to find duplicate or similar pictures. Once it finds a duplicate/similar picture, the application will erase it from the gallery in order to remain a single one.


PaintVideo usually costs $4.99 and it is an application that comes with a real-time editing feature that allows you to write, draw, blur, fill and even add music to a video. In addition, you will be able to set the animation of your painting, which means that you will turn your videos into some interesting edited movies.


Angularis is a really fun game where you will need to concentrate and react very fast. You will have to match the colors in this game by rotating the two lines that you have in front of you. The longer you play without doing a mistake, the harder the game will be. The game ends when you make the first mistake, so this means that it can be quite frustrating. Angularis usually costs $0.99, but as you’ve already guessed, you can get it now for free from the Apple Store.


VigNote is a note application that comes with many features and options. It’s not an application that accepts only text notes, as you can also insert photos, audio and video files. In addition, you can also record audio or video and insert it in the VigNote application. You can now download the VigNote application from the official store on iOS, but it is usually sold for $0.99.