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The new iPhone 7 received mixed reactions from Apple fans, something new for iPhone is that not all of them were good reactions. The main issue iPhone fans have is that Apple decided to remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack in favor of their wireless headphones and that angered many Apple fans. The design of the device is also very similar to its previous version the iPhone 6, and fans are angered especially since Apple were expected to bring something innovative to the market, but instead they didn’t.

iPhone 7 sells are not doing bad but they are not even close to what they used to be. Because of that Apple is forced to bring something new, bigger to make the iPhone appeal to customers once again. The new iPhone 8 will be launched during the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, and this should be another reason for Apple to implement some new features to their smartphones.

Tech experts and Apple fans are already speculating about what new specs next year’s iPhone 8 will have and most reports are indicating that the new iPhone 8 will be equipped with a super high resolution OLED screen that’s going to stretch from edge to edge giving the iPhone a sleeker look. The addition of an OLED display will greatly increase the picture quality iPhone present and it will also make the device lighter. Apple has used LED displays for their iPhones until now and we are not saying they are bad, they are good but the new OLED technology is definitely better.

Other rumors are pointing out that Apple will completely change the game by featuring a wireless charging pod. If this proves to be true, iPhone 8 will be the first completely wireless smartphone. Making the upcoming iPhone 8 completely wireless will surely put Apple’s device on the top selling spot once again.