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GTA 5 Online has received many DLC patches in the past, but it seems that more and more gamers are now asking the developers to release a DLC patch for the single player campaign.

Rumors are now suggesting that Rockstar is thinking about releasing a DLC patch for the GTA 5. Let’s not forget that there is no news regarding the GTA 6 and this means that the developers will need to keep the fans busy until that game will arrive. We have to agree that the GTA 5 Online is still played by a good amount of gamers, but the developers will also need to lure back the GTA fans that enjoy playing the single player campaign of the game.

According to Itechpost, GTA Single Player DLC might be released very soon and it will surely surprise anyone if this will truly happen. This new DLC is expected to come with some new heists in the single player, but it will also continue the story of the game.

It will be quite nice if you will be able to play with your own character on the GTA 5 single player. Rockstar should consider this, as there are many GTA fans out there that really enjoy customizing their characters.

Rockstar will most likely NOT bring MODS to this game, as we all know that the players will just exploit them in order to make tons of money in a single day. If MODS will be added to the GTA 5: Single Player, this game will just simply die within weeks because the gamers will just do everything its needed to be done in this game in a few days and after that they will start getting bored.

Do you think that a DLC will be released for GTA 5: Single Player?

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