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Google Trips is great for users that enjoy exploring the world around them. Google Trips will make your life easier by gathering and organizing all of your important info in one spot and making the data be available offline as well. The app is going to give its user activity suggestions based on what places are surrounding him it will even make hotel reservations using Gmail.

Offline Info

One of the best features offered by Google Trips is the ability to access it offline. This can come in quite handy if you find yourself needing personal information and you don’t have any internet access.

Day Plans

The app will find popular activity plans for your day based on your personal interests and free time. The app has day plans for hundreds of popular tourist places around the world.

Trip Organization

If you make travel reservations, the app is going to gather the information from Gmail and it will plan out your entire trip. The planned trip will include restaurants suggestions based on what food and drinks you like, things to do around the visited place and many more others.


The app will automatically search for nearby public attractions and it will present them to you accompanied by what ratings other travelers gave them. The app will also include the open hours of the public attractions, so you don’t waste any time by going there and finding out the park is closed.


The reservations process is going to become significantly easier using Google Trips, since all hotels, rental cars and even flights will become available in just one spot. This means that you will not lose time by individually searching for each of the services.

Things To Do

Google Trip will automatically categorize your trip as a Indoors or Outdoors trip. This way the app will know what visiting spots you will like.