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Not many iOS users were tempted to install Firefox on their iPhones, and for a while, Mozilla has struggled to be noticed again, hoping to dethrone Apple’s Safari. Since things didn’t work that great for Mozilla, the company has developed a second browser named Firefox Focus, which will be a great tool for private web surfing.

After downloading and installing Firefox Focus, the application will boot directly in to a search bar, and searches will be made only through Yahoo because of the contract worth $375m for making Yahoo the default search engine. So, sorry, Google fans, you will have to get used to getting search results from Yahoo. But, even so, you’ll find more advantages in using Firefox Focus, as it will remove elements that could track your browsing, such as cookies, ad trackers, analytics trackers or social trackers

Also, if you want to clear all info from a session, you will click on the Erase button from the top right corner. “You may be looking for information that in certain situations is sensitive – searches for engagement rings, flights to Las Vegas or expensive cigars, for example. And sometimes you just want a super simple, super fast web experience – no tabs, no menus, no pop-ups. Firefox Focus gives you just that,” has explained the company.

In addition, Focus will block content for Safari, and by adding the extension, many adverts will be stopped from appearing in the main browser. Safari already has a private browsing mode, but iPhone owners need a content blocker to not be bothered by all kinds of ads, and the Firefox Focus extension takes care of this problem. The new browser can be downloaded from the Apple Store, as currently it’s available only for iOS.

On the other hand, Firefox is still a very popular browser on computers, and according to W3Schools, it’s used by over three times the number of people who are loyal to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.