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Christmas is next month and every player is hoping to be surprised by friends and family members with a new console, PC, accessory and anything that’s related to games. For PS4 consoles there are many things that owners would enjoy adding to their gaming setup, and we made a list of possible “gifts”.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

Gamers who play games with headphones are bothered by the cord that needs to be plugged into the controller. Some prefer wireless headphones that redirect all the audio from TV, and the best recommendation is the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset, which can be purchased from Amazon for around $70. These headphones have a long lasting battery, a microphone and they are collapsible.

Nyko Modular Charge Station

PS 4’s controllers need to be charged by plugging it to the front of the console using a USB cable. Gamers hate wires and prefer third-party charging stations, and our recommendation is the Nyko modular charge station, which is attached to the top of the console. It’s more aesthetical and it gets rid of the loose wires. It costs less than $15 and it can be purchased from Amazon.

PlayStation TV

This microconsole attaches to a TV and allows gamers to play games and stream video even if they don’t have a PS4. Why would anyone want to buy a separate console? Well, the PS 4 supports only up to 4 controllers to play a game locally, so if the owner throws a party with many guests, not everyone will have patience and wait their turn to play a game after others get bored. The most awesome feature of the PlayStation TV is the Remote Play mode, which allows players to operate the PlayStation 4 across the WiFi network. The price of the PlayStation TV is now less than $50.

PlayStation VR

Virtual Reality is now part of our lives and gamers want to bring their adventures to the next level. The PlayStation VR is compatible with Sony’s PlayStation Move controllers and it offers gamers the possibility to reach out their hands and interact with the VR worlds. The PlayStation VR is sold for £349.99 ($435) on Amazon.