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Minecraft fans have been waiting for this update for a while and it’s finally live. But most important, it will make exploration more exciting, as it brings new ways to transport items, new treasure maps and mobs, as well as tones of bug fixes.

According to the change-log, the exploration map will be from Cartographer Villagers, which will ask for emeralds in exchange. This map will be used to locate Ocean Monuments (slightly blue) and the new Woodland Mansions (brown). It won’t be easy to just grab treasures, because they will be guarded by Illagers, which are Villager’s “creepy cousins”. The two Illagers that players will face are the Vindicator (axe-wielding) and Evoker (spell-casting). If players defeat the latter, they are able to find the Totem of Undying which will resurrect them when taking lethal damage. Players shouldn’t explore for treasure without this tool, and they should hold it in the moment they are close to death.

After finding a new treasure, in order to transfer the goods, players will use llamas, which they will ride with the right equipment – a chest for portable storage. And a llama with a leash on it will attract the nearby ones, forming a caravan that the player will be able to use.

Another thing that will help players manage their treasures is the Shulker Box, which is a new type of chest that will keep all of its items even if it’s destroyed. And it can be considered a portable container that players will use to store what they need.

In the new update have been fixed 279 bugs, and we’ll mention a few of them:

– Dropped anvil wasn’t making any sound when it broke;
– Compass was pointing wrong direction after returning from nether;
– Chickens’ necks didn’t have any texture;
– When looking at an Iron Door/Iron Trapdoor players couldn’t eat, throw, or shoot;
– Ender dragon was hostile to players in Creative;
– Repeaters updated differently;
– Wither skeletons flickered in direct sunlight etc.

The full list of changes in Minecraft Update 1.11 can be found here.