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Grand Theft Auto is one of the most iconic video game series in history. Each installment of the game is met with praise and dedicated fans that go bonkers when Rockstar brings out a new Grand Theft Auto experience. The latest game in the series was launched a couple of years ago, but fans are speculating harder than ever regarding the possible release date and details for the next game in series, which would be GTA 6.

A new wave of commotions has been caused by the discovery of a couple Easter eggs in GTA 5, which people believe has more or less to do with the next game in the established franchise. Their speculations are backed up by solid facts retained from the rumors spread around with the same enthusiasm back when Grand Theft Auto 4 was the freshest title.

The clues in question are a towel players can find in Vespucci Beach, which reads  “I Love V.C.”, possibly referring to Vice City, which is one of the most known locations in which GTA iterations took place. Also, a couple of plane tickets were found on Michael’s table, which were apparently for North Yankton, so fans reached the conclusion that North Yankton might be a possible location for GTA 6 while an even larger fanbase think we will be returning to Vice City.

These clues are backed up by similar ones found in Grand Theft Auto 4, where players found a plane billboard with messages about flying to Los Santos, and in GTA 5, players really did return to Los Santos. Also, the plane with the billboard featured a brand name that was identical to the one on the tickets found on Michael’s table in GTA 5.

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