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Mozilla’s Firefox browser has been voted as the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy. This is the first independent built browser, and it’s used by millions of people worldwide. Firefox has been designed with only one purpose in mind, to provide its user with the most personal browsing experience there is. Let’s go take a look at what features Firefox sports and see what sets it apart from other web browsers.

Mozilla Firefox Features


Firefox allows its user to completely personalize his browsing experience by putting a huge array of features at the user’s disposal. The web is filled with add-ons, from ad blockers, download managers to password add-ons.


Mozilla prides itself in the level of privacy they provide for their users. The most interesting feature Firefox has is the “Private Browsing” option that comes with tracking protections against other third party software.


The user can use Firefox to send media content from the web to his stream supporting TV. The Firefox account can be linked with all the users’ devices, meaning that he can check his bookmarks, history or even open tabs on his PC while using a smartphone or tablet. Worth mentioning is that Firefox remembers the users passwords on all of his devices.

Newly added features

The new 50.0 version of Mozilla Firefox comes with a few bug fixes and some quality of life features.

  • The “First Run” feature has been update so that it presents all of its new features to the user.
  • Firefox will now remember where the scroll position was left on open tabs, so the user can switch through his open tabs easier.
  • If the user has the “Always Restore” options enabled, outdated tabs are going to be automatically deleted.