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It’s been a very long time since we first started hearing cries of frustration from the PlayStation camp regarding the ability to use mods in the console’s version of Fallout 4. Fallout 4, a very successful game on its own, is recognized for allowing players to use mods in the game, enhancing their experience further. Mods are additions or changes made to the game that alter the original, sometimes in pretty drastic ways. People seem to enjoy making extreme modifications to Fallout 4, and other Bethesda series as well, making it a legitimate reason over the years for which people flocked to the PC version.

After the Xbox announced that it will be making mods available and supported, the PlayStation remained the only platform on which people couldn’t mod Fallout 4, making fans cry out against it. Their wait is over now, as update 1.12 hits PS4 consoles and brings with it modding functionality. There is also a disclaimer that specifies the fact that people using mods do so at their own risk, as mods can hinder the performance of the game. There were also some last minute tweaks in the update regarding the mod shop and trying to browse for mods:

  • Mod category and favorites not being displayed correctly issue has been fixed.
  • Changed mods rating so that only downloaded mods can be rated.
  • The mods yield in the mods browser has been doubled.

Aside from introducing mods to Fallout 4 on the PS4, the update also implemented some performance related tweaks are bound to please players. The tweaks include:

  • Sound effects issue after reloading in a zone has been fixed.
  • Issue with game crashing when trying to start a new game has been fixed.
  • Issue with audio cutting out while a sentry bot would use dual gatling lasers has been fixed.