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Supercell has confirmed that Clash of Clans will receive new features, and that the patch released on November 16 is preparing the game for the December 2016 update.
According to reports, the game will welcome new sea-themed characters, new ships, new battle features and air defenses.

The December 2016 update will introduce the Red Barbarian King and a war between Goblin and Wizard, but there is little information regarding this update. In addition, the old characters will be redesigned and the air defenses will suffer major changes. Supercell will update the multiple targets and single target air defense and according to Headlines & Global News, these changes will be seen at the Town Hall 11.

The game will also add new settings to allow players to fix shipwreck and be rewarded with extra coins (50,000 gold starting at Town Hall 4). This way, the players will find the game more interesting and they will feel more motivated to work. And they will love the new water creatures that will bring a splash of color into the game, because until now, Clash of Clans had only ground and air creatures.

And if you were thinking that you can get away with cheating in the game, then we must warn you that Supercell will ban you without blinking an eye and you won’t be given another chance to return to Clash of Clans. The new update could be released on December 1, but the company hasn’t confirmed this information, although there are hints that Supercell is preparing a special Red Day event, as some of the units and structures from CoC have been spotted bearing red color and markings.

In the past weeks, fans have expressed their wish to be able to buy a Gem Mine, to use their King and Queen in war while upgrading, to donate Loot and Gems, more dark troops and a night mode.