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Yahoo Messenger received a complete design overhaul and the new messaging app is now completely different from its previous versions. Ever since Yahoo has implemented all those new updates and features, Yahoo Messenger is considered as being one of the top chatting apps out there, if not the best.

The app is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. What separates Yahoo Messenger from other chatting apps is the amount of technical support Yahoo is providing for the app. Let’s take a closer look at what new features Yahoo Messenger brings for its users:

  • The standard one on one chat groups.
  • The app allows its users to express themselves using GIFs.
  • Similar to Facebook, Yahoo Messenger gives its user to option to “Like” messages, photos or videos that are sent in the chat group.
  • Yahoo Messenger is now optimized for TalkBack use.
  • If the user swipes right while using the chatting app a carousel of beautiful pictures are going to pop up.
  • Users of Yahoo Messenger can instantly share high resolution photos and videos.
  • The “Unsend” options. This feature gives the user the opportunity to take back something he said. Even sent photos can be recovered from a conversation.
  • A unique feature brought by Yahoo Messenger is the offline/low connectivity mode. This means that the user can share photos, videos while they are offline, and the shared information will be posted instantly when the user connects his device to a stable internet connection.

New Features

  • Yahoo has fixed some known bugs that were known to cause the app to crash.
  • The app is compatible with more devices of different sizes.
  • Yahoo Messenger is compatible with tablets now.
  • The new Read Receipts feature. This feature will allow the user to see where his friends started to read the conversation from, so he knows if he has to fill him up.