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Black Friday is getting close and the most sought after discounts are gaming consoles deals. Retailers know that too well and they have already released Black Friday deals for Xbox One bundles. The biggest retailers to already provide Xbox One deals are Walmart, GameStop, Dell, Microsoft, Kohl’s, Target, Costco and Best Buy. We are going to take a look over all bundle discount deals and see which one offers the best one.

Xbox One Bundles

The most popular holiday gift items are Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 and for that reason big retailers are already selling console bundles. The console bundle includes one gaming console and a new released game, some bundles also contain additional accessories. The prices have significantly gone down in comparison with last year’s deals. The standard price for a gaming console bundle in 2015 was $349 and this year the standard price has gone down to $299.

Best Black Friday Deals

The minimum discount for the Xbox One bundle is $50. Walmart, Bestbuy and GameStop are offering the Xbox One Minecraft bundle for only $249 but these are not the best deals yet. Money wise the best deal can be found at Kohl’s, and they are offering the Xbox One Minecraft bundle for only $175 by including $75 in Kohl’s cash which can be spent on different items found in Kohl’s store.

Dell is also offering a great Black Friday deal by making the Xbox One Battlefield 1 bundle include a Gears of War 4 additional game and an extra Xbox One wireless controller for the price of just $249.

Microsoft themselves are also putting an online deal for their own Microsoft bundle, a $25 Microsoft gift card and an additional game that the customer can select.

It seems that Kohl’s has the best price, but Dell is the one who wins the round since they are packing up the bundle with an extra Xbox One wireless controller as well.