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A lot of users are relying on Chrome for their daily internet browsing needs. That trend has continued to rise over the years, but so has Chrome’s heft. While Chrome was praised in the past for being light and fast, now it’s light and kinda greedy. Many users have complained that using Chrome on their devices drains it of power so fast that they have resorted to using the Safari browser just to extend the life of their machine.

The current version of Chrome right now is 54 with Chrome 55 coming in December. The team involved with Chromes development and improvement have promised a release before the end of the year. Wouldn’t this be a lovely holiday present as well as a good way to welcome the new year?

When Chrome 55 will be released in December, it will feature other improvements aside from hogging less resources. According to the Chromium blog, the upcoming Chrome update will also feature improvements with input handling.

Desktops aren’t the only devices where Chrome is used – the browser is also increasingly being used in smartphones and tablets. Since mobile devices rely so much on touch, it’s important for sites to respond well. This was usually handled by MouseEvent and TouchEvent but for Chrome 55, that responsibility goes to PointerEvents. PointerEvents is more responsive because it doesn’t – by default – block scrolling.

Also, Chrome 55 will also support the touch-action CSS property which allows sites to respond to input like panning. Lastly, with the auxclick input event type, Chrome now allows the behavior of non-primary buttons to be monitored by sites.

While waiting for the December update to arrive, Chrome users are being warned about scams involved when downloading the browser. Rather than being led to the Chrome download page, users will be redirected elsewhere. While this problem seems to have been fixed, it’s still best to remain responsible link clickers.