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At one time, Adobe Flash Player was regarded as one of the best programs to view online content. However, it’s become a beacon for exploits and hacks. And, because of that, many browser companies – Google and Mozilla – have raised concerns about using Flash Player in their browser.

Does this mean you need to avoid using it as well?

While your initial thought it so abandon it, you may want to hold off. If you want to use it still, the best thing you can do is make sure you have the latest Flash Player installed on your device so that you’re not open to attacks. Adobe urged users to download the emergent Flash security update, which would protect users from a ransomware attack – something seen in older Flash Player versions.

You need only to download the file from a secure, trustworthy website. Don’t allow ads to trick you into downloading a fake file. If you see anything of the following, don’t click on them:

  • Flash Player Update
  • Please update to continue.
  • It is recommended you update Flash Player to the latest version to view this page.

If you think you need an update of your Flash Player, make sure it’s from a reputable site such as Adobe itself.  Of course, here are a view things to keep in mind.

  • Google Chrome updates its Flash Player add-on automatically. If you use Chrome and see pop-ups, ignore them.
  • Safari has deactivated its add-on for Flash Player. So, unless you activate the player, you won’t have to update a thing.
  • If you’ve allowed the program to update automatically, it will download and install the latest version without you doing a thing.

Again, always download the latest version from the Adobe Flash Player Download Center. It will let you know what player you have before you do an update or if the program is already up to date.

The program also includes an online utility, which allows you to check if the Flash Player is installed, how you can download the newest version and verify the installation process.

Basically, you want to make sure you download only the secure updates of Flash Player.

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