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The latest version of Opera browser has just been released and it will surely make very happy all the people who are using it.

The major change that the Opera version 41 comes with is a “smart startup sequence”. In other words, when you will start the browser it will automatically load the tab that you were using most recently (a feature that’s already found on other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox). At the same time, if you have any pinned tabs, the browser will load them in decreasing priority.

The company claims that the start up time in Opera version 41 has been improved by 86% on average for a browser that has more than 40 tabs open. However, if you are a person who doesn’t use more than 10 tabs at once, the new start up will be improved by about 50%.

Thanks to the new hardware-accelerated feature that the Opera version 41 comes with, you will notice that the application will not waste as much battery as it used to in the previous versions. At the same time, if you use a web-based video chat via WebRTC and if the battery-saving mode is activated, the Opera browser will start using a video codec that comes with hardware acceleration (if there is one available). This will help your device to use more efficiently its resources in order to save battery life.

Opera 41 will also limit the pixel count on your screen in order to reduce the CPU usage when your device is in battery-saving mode. The pop-out video on Opera 41 will also use the hardware acceleration that we’ve talked about in this article. We remind you that the pop-out video has been introduced on Opera browser back in May 2016 and it allows you to put content from websites such as YouTube in a borderless window that runs separately from the site it was on.