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People tend to flock around a device brand because they like what it has to offer. For example, some people flock around Apple handsets because it offers premium quality builds and stability, and others flock around Google Android phones because Google offers freedom of self expression and support for experimentation. The OnePlus fan base likes their brand of choice because it offers what Apple or Google offers, but at considerably lower prices. But what about when a brand competes with itself?  It is understandable how customers could be confused regarding the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T, as at first glance (and a second, for that matter), the two smartphones look pretty much the same. In this article we will go over the various differences between the two models and see what they can provide.

More juice

Battery life was one of the prime complaints OnePlus got from its customers. Even though the OnePlus 3 was sporting a pretty large 3000 mAh battery unit, it seemed unable to carry out a full day on one charge when it was used in a more than medium to low activity type manner. This made OnePlus react, so the 3T comes with an extended 3400 mAh battery to suffice the needs of any savvy consumer.

More style

The camera department was also found worth improving, so OnePlus has tinkered with both the front and rear cameras. The frontal shooter on the original device features an 8 MP lens, while the 3T comes with an improved 16 GB front facing camera, also switching manufacturers, from Sony to Samsung. The rear cameras also differ, with the OnePlus 3T sporting a sapphire covered unit which features improved image stabilization, as per customer feedback, while the original using a glass-protected lens that features image stabilization as well, just on a lower scale.

More power

The two versions come with different processors. This is not because the Snapdragon 820 in the OnePlus 3 is bad by any means. It’s just OnePlus’ way of raising the bar, adding a new Snapdragon 821 processor with more power and higher core frequencies under the hood.

More space

A basic, yet highly influential spec is how much storage space the device features. A big improvement has been made by adding a 128 GB version to the OnePlus 3T, surpassing the 64 GB of the original, as neither device supports microSD, making local storage even more valuable.

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