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The latest WhatsApp Beta update is here and Android users of this messenger app are advised to download Beta version 2.16.356. While the change log has not yet been announced, the latest version update is said to be more stable and bug fixes have been addressed.

One of the developments in the latest Beta version is the 2-factor authentication requirement and at the moment, this verification process is only included in this version. This will be needed to open or alter menu settings such as Privacy, Security and when deleting the WhatsApp account. This new feature ensures more security from unauthorized access to your profile and messages.

This authentication is needed when registering the phone number of the user in the account. You will also be asked to add an email for changing the six-digit entry codes. After completion of the registration, your phone number can never be used by anyone else to register a WhatsApp account without providing the passcode or email address.

With the latest Beta version, the user is also allowed to add audio messages which can be played even if another app is opened. Moreover, switching from one group window to another is also possible. Before, WhatsApp needs to be open and the user needs to stay in the conversation to be able to know that a voice message is coming in but with the latest update, the audio message will remain playing even if another app is open or you switch from one chat window to another.  However, only beta users can have access to the beta version and this requires signing up to be a beta tester.

Another great news for WhatsApp Messenger users is the video calling feature that had long been talked about. With the beta version, access to WhatsApp video calling becomes available. Signing up for the beta program requires you to downloas the beta version from the Google Play Store. In case you plan to download it elsewhere, ensure to get it from reliable sources so you can enjoy the features of the latest WhatsApp Beta update.