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The Google Play Store can be found at the core of every Android powered device. We have created a guide to help new Android users to create a Google account that he can use to access the Play Store.

Google Account

To be able to use the Play Store you will be required to sign in using a Google account. In the log in panel the option to “create new account” can be found. After tapping on create new account and filling out all the personal information and agreeing to Google’s terms and conditions the account is ready to use. Google has done a great job by simplifying the account creating process.

Debit Card

If you want to buy and download paid apps on the Play Store, you will have to add payment details. Debit card details are also required even if you are not planning on buying any apps. The credit card information can be added in the Google account information panel.

Additional Accounts

Google gives its users the option to add multiple Google accounts to their Android powered device. This can come quite in handy if you are sharing your smartphone with members of your family. To add another Google account you will need to access the Settings menu and then tap on the Accounts panel and chose the Add Account option.

Switching Accounts

Google has made swapping from one account to another very easy. Whenever you will open up the Play Store app a small arrow will appear right next to your account profile picture and when you tap on it all other signed in accounts are going to pop up and you can just choose the one you want from there.

Removing Accounts

To remove a Google account all you have to do is access Settings then the Accounts panel and choose the Google option. While on the Google panel you will be able to see three dots in the top right corner of the screen and there you will find the option to remove an account.