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Virtual Reality doesn’t cease to amaze with the shear amount of possibilities it can offer. After a long period of time in which the technology showcased its capabilities on smaller games and applications, it has shown that it is ready to take a big step forward, as Google announced that Google Earth will now support VR.

Google Earth is a long-time running initiative from Google, where people can explore any location on the globe in 3D through the power of satellites and a legion of cameras. With Google Earth, people can visit important cultural landmarks from cities all across the globe, or cruise through the streets of a major capital while checking out the local shop windows. Users can also zoom out and take a look at our planet from afar, as Google fully captures Earth’s beauty.

With VR, everything reaches a new level. Thanks to the modern day capabilities that provide us with virtual reality technology, people will be able to use VR headsets while using Google Earth, which will put them personally at the scene. You will be able to walk the streets of the city you never got to visit, or explore lands you were most curious about, all from a first person perspective.

This ambitious project is yet another Google innovation that promises to shape our own reality in a massive way. The first stepping stone of this new exciting journey was laid when Google released a trailer for Google Earth VR, showcasing all the possibilities that the service will bring to the table.

While most VR headset users have to wait until Google Earth becomes available for their device, people using the HTC Vive headset can already download the new version of Google Earth from Steam.

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