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The iOS version of Gmail has not been updated for a while until now and iOS users should be happy to hear that Gmail has just been upgraded to the 5.0.3 version. This new Gmail version will improve the iOS user experience significantly. We have taken a closer look at all the new features Gmail 5.0.3 iOS version will bring and we will present them so you can see if the new and upgraded Gmail fits your needs.

  • Gmail Third Party Calendar

Google is known for giving complete customization to their users and that makes their app become more personal. Gmail is now allowing its users to uses third party calendars and this is a great feature because users of different religions such as Hindus can use whichever calendar fits their needs the most. Gmail will sync up reminders with the newly chosen calendar.

  • Spelling

iOS powered device users are finally going to receive spelling suggestions when typing out an email. This feature is great for correcting spelling mistakes and this way the user will never send an email that contains typos again.

  • Undo Option

The most asked for feature is the undo send button. Everyone has accidentally sent out an email, maybe it was meant for someone else or maybe it was incomplete. Google has taken note of what their user base was asking for and they have implemented the undo send button. The way the undo system works is that whenever the user sends an email he has a five second window to select the undo send button, but after five seconds the email is sent. Desktop users of Gmail are going to receive 30 seconds.

  • Mail Management

Archiving or deleting emails has never been this easy before. All the user has to do is swipe once over an email and the email will be archived, or swipe twice and the email will  be instantly deleted.