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WhatsApp is the top social and communications app available on all app markets at the moment, as the Facebook-owned app can be found in pretty much any smartphone that is active around the globe. To stay on top of its game, WhatsApp must compete with itself, therefore, drop new features to keep the crowds pleased. The newest WhatsApp feature allows you to initiate or receive video calls with or from the app. The WhatsApp client has been update to support this feature, while the feature itself is being rolled out to users. However, you can imagine that the list of users is pretty big, so it might take a while before you actually get to use the new video calling feature. You might get it super early, or have really bad luck and end up watching all your friends use it while you are still waiting.

If you want to avoid being in that position, there is a way to get the new WhatsApp function right now. Even though the most effective method is to wait for the official update to hit your phone, you can still get a taste of video calling by entering WhatsApp’s beta program. Since the feature is already on the beta client for testing, you will gain access to it immediately.

To sign up for the beta program, you just need to go to the WhatsApp page on your respective operating system’s app market, and scroll down until you see the option for enrolling in the beta program. Once you get in (which should only take a couple of minutes), you can download the beta update and start using WhatsApp for video calls. Alternatively, you could also download the update in APK form, from websites that specialize in distributing such files. It is preferable that you choose a popular and secure website if you choose this path.