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Candy Crush Saga is a massive mobile game, and it has a huge active user base. The game has a weird set of rules that can become quite annoying at times, and because of that we have compiled a list with the top Candy Crush Saga cheats.

When the player first starts the game he will have five lives but these lives are not going to last too long, since they get used up quite fast, especially when the player is trying to complete a hard game level. The amount of time required to fully replenish those five lives is 2.5 hours, and that is way too long.

The Time Travel Hack

This is the most popular Candy Crush Saga hack because it’s very simple and effective. All the player has to do is to change the date and time of the device to the time where his or hers live would normally replenish. To manipulate the time and date settings on your device, all you have to do is access Settings-General-Date & Time.

Asking Friends

Another way to restore lives on in the game is to ask your Facebook friends to send you extra lives. If you have Facebook friends that are playing the game as well, you could make a system where both of you send yourselves lives and never wait for lives to restore again.

Buying More Lives

This is the official way to replenish lost lives, to just pay for them. A set of five lives costs only $1 or 12 gold bars, and this method is used by almost all Candy Crush Saga players since the company manages to make $1 million every day.

Reinstalling the App

You can replenish your lost lives by uninstalling the game and reinstalling it again, and the bonus part is that your progress level is not going to disappear. To keep in mind is that even if the progress is not affected, the boosts will disappear after uninstalling the game.

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